About Us

At PRNDoctor.com we assess health risk in our local community by addressing them aggressively using state of the art technology. 

We Help You Avoid Scheduling Hassles and Long Waits.

With telemedicine you avoid scheduling hassles and long waits in crowded waiting rooms with an online assessment with one of our board-certified physicians. We will help you with the next steps in addressing your healthcare concerns.

The Front Lines of Healthcare

During the past 10 years telemedicine has evolved beyond a futuristic idea to the front lines of healthcare. 

Telemedicine: Your Preferred Alternative

In many circumstances the patient either cannot present at a healthcare facility due to location or isolation or in the case of the COVD-19 pandemic traveling to a healthcare facility non-urgent can lead to avoidable risks for the patient, the community at large and the healthcare facility and health workers. Telemedicine provides a ready alternative to all of those concerns when a patient does not require urgent care. If you believe you or a family member is in crisis or an urgent situation, calling 911 for rapid transport is your best alternative.